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If this is your first time playing Story Mode

read the full rules before starting

Quick Start

Story Mode is a game for weaving awesome stories and exploring exciting new worlds.Adventurers explore the wild and dangerous parts of the world in search of fame, ancient treasure and powerful artifacts. Monsters haunt the shadows of long abandoned ruins and deadly threats hide around every corner.Story Mode is best played by 4-6 players who have some dice, a way of making notes and a longing for adventure.
Recommended: Snacks, Drinks, Atmospheric Music.
One player is the Game Master (GM) who describes the environment, narrates the story and portrays non-player characters (NPCs).Each other player creates a character using the character generator. These characters will form the Party.
Use their abilities and equipment to solve problems and drive the story forwards.
The GM chooses an adventure to guide the party through. Spend a few minutes reading the overview of the adventure before you begin.The GM describes the environment and situation the adventurers are in.
The players ask questions from the GM and describe their adventurers' actions. The GM describes the outcome.
When the outcome of an action is uncertain, make a skill check.When things get tense, track actions and movement in turns. Players roll a skill check to determine turn order. The GM acts for monsters and any NPCs on their turn.When a character takes damage from attacks or other effects, deduct it from their health. When their health reaches 0, they die.Armour negates damage equal to its defence.Spend willpower to change dice results. Characters have a penalty to future skill checks for each willpower spent. When they spend it all, they test their willpower.Resting restores willpower, health and other abilities.

Playing safely

Before the game begins, discuss with the group if there are any themes or topics which make you or them uncomfortable and which you don't want to come up during gameplay. These could be anything at all. Ensure you avoid these completely during the adventure and be prepared to change tack if something comes up unexpectedly.If a situation comes up during the game which makes you or another player feel uncomfortable, simply pause and move on with no questions asked. No one needs to give a reason for not wanting to discuss a topic.

Your First Adventure

The party has come to Enith, a small fishing town which sits on the cliffs at the end of a long and barren peninsula.Recently, several ships have been wrecked on the rocks beneath Enith's cliffs and no survivors have been found.The locals are too scared to investigate whatever is causing the problem, which they believe is residing in Kemph’s Cavern, a network of caves in the cliffs near the reef. They whisper rumours of pirates or ghouls.Brek, a fisherman in Enith, was the only person brave enough to pilot the party through the dangerous waters to the caves.

When you're ready to play, read the following aloud:

With a storm brewing in the distance, in the low evening light, you are coasting along in Brek's boat. Surfing up and down waves as you pass the jagged cliffs which tower above you. The boat turns slightly and you glide into a small cove.Rocks like teeth protrude above the swirling waves and cast eerie shadows against the cliff face in the light of the sunset. The spray is cold on your face and blinking salt water from your eyes, you notice the carcasses of several ships being raised and lowered on the tide, imprisoned behind the jagged rocks.Splintered boards, bits of rope and various other flotsam passes you. Who knows how many boats have been wrecked here.Before you can give it much thought, you catch sight of the gaping cave at the zenith of this cove. It yawns open forming a roof above a small shingle beach which will be your landing.Brek steers the boat up to the shingle and tells you that he will wait here till midnight, but no later.

The Cave


Stone walls. Slick, solid, worn by the sea in the entrance. Coarse and jagged with stalagmites and stalagtites deeper inside.
Dim. Moonlight creeps into the cave.
Stale. Smells of damp and salt.
Peaceful. Occasional noises of drips and constant roar of the waves lapping on the beach.


Small Cave Inlet

Just inside the rocky passageway is an opening on the right hand side - a 15ft diameter cave room. High tide line at about waist height on the wall.A dead goblin lies against the wall. Bloated, clothes are wet. Looks like it drowned.
Long welts and circular imprints all over its torso.
The goblin has a rusty scimitar. Anything else of value has either been washed away or taken.A slippery chimney leads up into darkness and area 5.


Tidal Barrier

A little further down the passageway, a 10ft ledge rises up from the shingle floor, providing a natural barrier for the sea water at high tide.The rock face is smooth, featureless and slippery. There are a few jagged rocks and small stalagmites on the upper level.


Light in the Passageway

Flickering firelight comes from around a corner.Low guttural speech. Two creatures talking.


Goblin's Den

A large chamber - 30-40ft in diameter.4 goblins sit huddled around a fire.They look bedraggled, tired and hungry.On any noise or commotion, a Goblin Chieftain comes from the eastern passageway.The goblins were travelling around the coast and were attacked in their boat by the ‘horrible purple sea beast’. They have been cowering in here for days - they’re out of food and water.Among the goblins trappings are a few rusty tools and weapons, the remains of food wrappings, torn and damaged poor quality clothing plus a Sword of Blinding Light.


Normally conniving and sly creatures, this group is reduced to emaciated shadows of themselves after their recent experience. Though they will appear vicious, they are likely to give up at the first hints of real trouble.Fearful and defensive. Upon noticing the party they will jump up and grab their weapons, but they will not attack unless provoked.

10 Health
Attacks: Bow/ Scimitar - D4 damage
Ambush – Goblins act first in combat.

Goblin Chieftain

Just as bedraggled as the other goblins within this cave, but still retains its resolve and determination to survive.
This brutally ugly goblin, scarred and hardened from years of experience on these coasts.

15 Health
Attacks: Greatsword - D6 damage
Charge – Action. Shouts rousing expletives. Other goblins' attacks ignore armour until the goblin chief's next turn.


Smuggler's Store

Cave room with a small pool.An island in the centre has several barrels on it, filled with strong liquor.


Secluded Lagoon

Passageway slopes down to another sand and shingle beach on the edge of a large trapped pool within a space which is open to the sky. A narrow gap in the rocks opposite the cave exit looks out onto the ocean.The moon peeks out through occasional gaps in the storm clouds. Thunder rumbles overhead.Narrow boxes are stacked under the shelter of an overhanging rock.A Kraken lives in the pool, and leaves to the open ocean through a tunnel beneath.When anyone comes close to the water, it starts bubbling and the Kraken attacks the party, tentacles reaching out from the water to grapple and strike them.A section of rock overhangs the pool on one side, Lightning may strike it, loosening it slightly.


A terrifying denizen of the deepest depths of the ocean which has made it's home within this secluded cave. Attacks anything which comes close enough to disturb it.

40 Health
Attacks: Many limbs - D8 damage - Two per action.
Grappled – A character the Kraken hits is grappled by the tentacle unless it succeeds a skill check. The character can’t move other than to attack the tentacle until they use an action to free themselves. The Kraken must use its attack on creatures it is already grappling.Dealing 5 damage in a single turn to a tentacle will sever it.

Ready if you need them:


Jem Trendle

Owner of the Weathered Wayfarer Inn in Enith.
Gruff, Grouchy, Greedy
Cares about his town, his friends and his family deeply.
Does not care for upset to the status quo.
Wants to find his brother. Townsfolk say he must have shared the fate of those killed on the reef, Jem is convinced he went looking for trouble in the nearby Erst Wood.

Ensi Melrinner

Needlessly concerned, Alert, Sharp
Cares only for herself and her pockets.
Wants help on their next run to deal with monsters who litter the coast.



A Shapeshifter from the depths. It's true form is of a seal, but it may appear as a human, especially as a young lady in distress to entice and entrap well-meaning sailers.20 Health
Attacks: D8 damage
Shapeshifter – May shift between seal and human form as an action.


Turtle like amphibious humanoid with webbed hands and feet and a turtle shell and beak. Lives in coastal caves a scours the shore for treasure from wrecked ships.15 Health
Attacks: D6 damage


Bloodthirsty Blade

When the wielder of this blade kills a creature with their first attack on a turn, they may make another attack.


A pair of smooth stones. The owners of these stones can tell where the other is at all times.

Ready for another adventure?


Quick Start

Story Mode is a game for weaving awesome stories and exploring exciting new worlds.Adventurers explore the wild and dangerous parts of the world in search of fame, ancient treasure and powerful artifacts. Monsters haunt the shadows of long abandoned ruins and deadly threats hide around every corner.Story Mode is best played by 4-6 players who have some dice, a way of making notes and a longing for adventure.
Recommended: Snacks, Drinks, Atmospheric Music.
One player is the Game Master (GM) who describes the environment, narrates the story and portrays non-player characters (NPCs).Each other player creates a character using the character generator below. These characters will form the Party.
Use their abilities and equipment to solve problems and drive the story forwards.
The GM chooses an adventure to guide the party through. Spend a few minutes reading the overview of the adventure before you begin.The GM describes the environment and situation the adventurers are in.
The players ask questions from the GM and describe their adventurers' actions. The GM describes the outcome.
When the outcome of an action is uncertain, make a skill check.When things get tense, track actions and movement in turns. Players roll a skill check to determine turn order. The GM acts for monsters and any NPCs on their turn.When a character takes damage from attacks or other effects, deduct it from their health. When their health reaches 0, they die.Armour negates damage equal to its defence.Spend willpower to change dice results. Characters have a penalty to future skill checks for each willpower spent. When they spend it all, they test their willpower.Resting restores willpower, health and other abilities.

Playing safely

Before the game begins, let the GM know if there are any themes or topics which make you uncomfortable and which you don't want to come up during gameplay. These could be anything at all, and your GM will happily avoid these completely during the adventure.If a situation comes up during the game which makes you feel uncomfortable, ask your GM to pause and move on and they will do so immediately with no questions asked. You do not need to give a reason for not wanting to discuss a topic.

Complete rules can be found here

When you're ready the adventure begins below

Your First Adventure

You and your party have come to Enith, a small fishing town which sits on the cliffs at the end of a long and barren peninsula.Recently, several ships have been wrecked on the rocks beneath Enith's cliffs and no survivors have been found.The locals are too scared to investigate whatever is causing the problem, which they believe is residing in Kemph’s Cavern, a network of caves in the cliffs near the reef. They whisper rumours of pirates or ghouls.Brek, a fisherman in Enith, was the only person brave enough to pilot the party through the dangerous waters to the caves.

Create a character below to play

You will guide this character through the adventure

Character Generator

How To Play

The narrative should be at the forefront of gameplay, rather than the mechanics. These rules serve as tools to help propel the story forwards and create fun at the table.In instances where a rule is unclear, the GM has the final say and should make the decision based on what is most fun for the table as a whole.

Playing the Game

Story Mode is like most roleplaying games, in each scene a combination of the following may take place:
- The GM describes the environment and relevant NPCs.
- Players ask questions to the GM about the scene and environment.
- Player Characters converse with NPCs in the scene, with the NPCs portrayed by the GM.
- Players describe how their characters behave or react to the world around them, and take actions which are arbitrated with skill checks if necessary.


Each player creates a character using the Character Generator and uses their abilities and equipment to solve problems and drive the story forwards.


Each character has abilities which grant them unique actions or augment their chance of success with specific skill checks.


Health represents a character’s physical wellbeing.When characters take damage, points are deducted from their health. When it reaches 0, they die.
Health cannot drop below 0 or be replenished above the characters maximum health.


Willpower represents a characters determination to go on adventuring. Each character starts with 3 willpower.
At any time, a character may spend 1 willpower to replace the result of a die roll with the highest value on that die. The roll does not count as a 'critical success'.
For each willpower a character has spent, they have a -1 penalty to skill checks and their inventory capacity is reduced by 1.
If they spend it all, they must test their willpower.

Testing willpower

When a character has no willpower left, they lose something. Roll on the following table to determine what it is.

D6Test your willpower - what do you lose?
1The will to live - you die.
2Your mind - disadvantage on skill checks for the rest of the day.
3Your edge - you may no longer use your abilities today.
4Your temper - break your weapon or a precious item.
5Your patience - you cannot take actions other than attacks for 10 minutes.
6Your love of adventuring - retire when you next reach safety.

Resolving Actions

Most actions are automatically successful and the GM narrates the outcome.
Any time the outcome of an action is uncertain, the player makes a skill check to determine what happens.

Skill Checks

Roll a D20.
Results of 10 or higher succeed.
If they fail, a set back or penalty may be imposed by the GM.A die roll of 20 is a critical success and an additional bonus may be granted.
A roll of 1 is a critical failure and an additional set back may be imposed.

Advantage and Disadvantage

In some circumstances, when the chances of success or failure are particularly high, the GM may grant advantage or disadvantage on a skill check or other roll.Advantage:
Roll two dice and take the highest result.
Roll two dice and take the lowest result.
This can apply to any dice roll, including damage and out of action checks.Some abilities provide advantage or a numerical bonus or penalty to modify specific skill checks.

For attack actions, see Violence

Tracking Time

Story Scenes

Most gameplay will take place as story scenes, where there is no direct threat to the players and no time sensitive tension.There is no need to determine turn order during story scenes and players may take actions in any order they wish.

Action Scenes and Turns

Time sensitive problems and combat take place in action scenes where time is tracked as abstract turns lasting a few in-game seconds.At the start of the action scene each player rolls a skill check to determine the order turns are taken in.
Those that succeed act before the GM in any order and those that fail act afterwards.
On the GMs turn, they move and take actions for any NPCs or enemies in the scene as well as describing any environmental effects or actions.During each turn, a character may move and take one action.

Delayed Action

A player may choose to defer their action or attack until later in the round. To do so, the player describes the action they’d like to take and the circumstances which will trigger their action.


Characters may move to somewhere nearby during their turn.
If they wish to move towards a faraway or distant location, they can move one range band closer within their turn.


Abstract range bands convey how close or far apart things are during action scenes:Close
Within 2m
A character must get close to another to touch them or make a melee attack against them.
Nearby characters can clearly speak to and make thrown weapon attacks against each other.
Faraway characters can shout to and shoot at each other.
More than 30m
Distant characters can’t make out details, shoot or communicate easily.


When an NPC's motivation is unclear, or you are uncertain how they will react upon first encountering the party, roll 2d6 and consult the following table. Some characters or creatures may have a unique table with specific results.

2-3HostileImmediate Attack
4-5Rude/ CurtDefensive/ Timid
11-12HelpfulTame/ Friendly

Determine how this reaction manifests based on what best fits the scenario - 'hostile' doesn't always mean 'violent'.
You may add or deduct a d6 from this roll if the party's actions up to the encounter would affect their first meeting particularly negatively or positively.


Attacks and Damage

Attacks hit automatically without the need for a skill check.
Roll the damage dice for an attack to determine its effectiveness.

Weapon Damage Dice

Light and Improvised Weapons, Unarmed
daggers, slings, small weapons, broken bottles, pointy sticks and anything not intended for battle
d4 damage
Medium Weapons
swords, bows, most other one-handed weapons and when in doubt
d6 damage
Heavy Weapons
great axes, great swords, great clubs, anything else very great and powerful
d8 damage
The GM rolls damage for monsters.

Ongoing Damage

Some effects repeatedly deal damage. A creature taking ongoing damage takes 1d4 damage each turn and then makes a skill check to see if the damage continues. Ongoing damage ignores armour.


Each piece of armour grants an amount of defence.
Each instance of damage from attacks and spells is reduced by your total defence.
Each piece of Armour takes up a number of inventory slots equal to its defence.
A character may deduct 1 from the defence of a piece of armour to negate all damage from a single attack or effect. When a piece of armour's defence becomes 0, it is broken beyond repair.Characters may only benefit from one piece of each type of armour at a time. (Armour, Helmet, Shield)


Each character may carry 12 items.
Characters have the means of supporting themselves including a bedroll and basic rations, not included within their item count.


Take a breather - 1 hour
Restore up to 1 willpower (may not increase above 5). Roll d6 and regain that much health.
Sleep - 8 hours
Replenish all willpower, health, mana and limited daily abilities.
If an adventurer does not sleep for a day, they lose 1 willpower.


When the tide of battle turns in the party's favour, their enemies may flee or surrender if their morale fails.
Roll 1d12 when one of the following occurs:
- The enemy group's leader is killed.
- The enemy group is reduced to half numbers.
- A single enemy is reduced to half health.
If the result is higher than the total combined level of remaining enemies, they will flee or surrender. Fleeing on an even result and surrendering on an odd one.


It’s a dangerous world for adventurers and none should leave the safety of the tavern without being prepared to pay the ultimate price.If a character dies before the end of the session, simply have that player create a new character and slot them in at the next feasible opportunity.


As the forces that bind the material planes weaken, power bleeds through from the void, seeping into every corner and soaking into the atmosphere.
Some have discovered how to tame this power, to bend it to their will and create strange effects which can only be described as Magic.
Some abilities allow characters to cast spells. Otherwise, spell scrolls and magic items can grant limited uses.Unless specified otherwise, all spells require an action to cast.

Spell Scrolls

Characters may have in their inventory, or find in their adventures, spell scrolls - magic imbued onto a page and ready to be cast by the reader.
Any character may attempt to cast a spell from a scroll or magic item as an action.
When attempting to cast a spell from a scroll, make a skill check.
On a success, cast the spell as normal.
On a failure, the spell is cast but the scroll is destroyed.
On a result of 1 or less, the spell fails catastrophically. Roll on the Miscast table below or use the miscast button in the character sheet tools to determine an effect which occurs instead of the intended spell.

D20Miscast effects
1You cast another spell at random. If the spell requires a target, you are the target.
2Your body is mirrored, when you try to move your left arm, your right arm moves instead. Disadvantage on skill checks relating to coordination.
3Every bone in your body disappears and will regrow over the next 2d6 hours.
4You forget how to speak your first language. If it is your only language, it is replaced with another.
5Your hands become slippery as though coated with butter. This effect lasts until you can find an effective degreaser.
6You age 10 years.
7Every metal item on your person sparks and crackles with electrical energy for 1 minute. Whenever you come close to anyone (5ft) the electricity arcs to a metal object on their person and deals them 1d6 damage.
8Your teeth fall out. Disadvantage on skill checks related to speaking to people.
9The caster swaps places with the nearest person.
10It becomes night time. Everyone’s body clocks are affected appropriately.
11You summon a small imp from the plane of darkness. The imp speaks none of the languages you understand but seems to regard you favourably. It is testy and aggressive towards everyone else.
12It begins raining around you. The rain has no effect on you other than to make you wet. It has a detrimental effect on the mood of other nearby people, making them hopeless and despondent.
13Your true thoughts become audible for anyone nearby to hear, as though you were speaking them aloud.
14You become 100 years old and frail. Disadvantage on skill checks related to movement and strength.
15You and anything you are carrying become ethereal and ghost-like for 1d4 hours. You cannot be damaged and cannot interact physically with anything.
16You become 10cm tall.
17You become severely light-sensitive. Disadvantage on ability checks while in sunlight.
18Large bird-like wings grow painfully from your back. They are not strong enough for flight, but may aid you with long jumps.
19You summon the ghost of one of your ancestors. They disapprove of your life choices to date.
20You sprout leaves from your fingers, if you stay in one place for too long, you begin to grow roots.
21You are teleported to another physical plane on the other side of the Void for 1d6 minutes before being teleported back. What you see there is horrifying.

GM Advice

Say Yes

Story Mode is designed to enable fast-paced and exciting story telling. If you're in doubt about a question or the outcome of an action, and the players at the table are excited about it, say yes!

Enable Decision-Making

Give the players all of the information they need to make informed decisions. Too much detail is better than too little.
Players should have a good understanding of the risks and potential consequences of their actions.
This isn't to say that their decisions should be easy - risks and rewards are what make roleplaying exciting.

Move Forwards

Ensure that every choice has an impact which drives the story forwards and keeps the excitement flowing.
Whether a Skill Check succeeds or fails, the outcome should always affect the story.

Use Time Wisely

Time is the most powerful tool you have as a GM. It can be used to manipulate the feel and tone of an adventure.
Use time to suit the story being told at the table.
Feel free to skip forwards several days or weeks if the party want to do something which will take a long time, but which you don't want to explore in granular detail.
Equally, slow things down if there's something time sensitive which you want everyone to have a chance at answering.


To create an adventurer:

Each player should create a character using the Character Generator.Or to create a first level character:
- Roll 2d6 to determine your maximum Health.
- Choose a name and a short backstory or adventuring motive.
- Choose 3 abilities by rolling on the table below.
If your maximum health is 2, choose an additional ability.
Choose some equipment by rolling on the tables below:
- Armour
- A weapon
- Three pieces of adventuring gear
- An unusual item

AbilitiesRoll D60 (D6+D10) 
10 Assassin30 Always Prepared50 Agile
11 Body Guard31 Animal Friend51 Athletic
12 Devout32 Beast Form52 Battle-Hardened
13 Dungeoneer33 Born Survivor53 Blood Thirsty
14 Gourmet34 Cantrip54 Brute
15 Hunter35 Disguise55 Charismatic
16 Investigator36 Fast Hands56 Deadly
17 Mage37 Handy57 Dextrous
18 Medic38 Healing Hands58 Genius
19 Monster Slayer39 Infrared Vision59 Hardy
20 Navigator40 Mimic60 Insightful
21 Naturalist41 Night Vision61 Lucky
22 Peacemaker42 Parry62 Observant
23 Performer43 Perfect Memory63 Spritely
24 Scholar44 Sense Power64 Stealthy
25 Seer45 Smuggler65 Street Smart
26 Sharpshooter46 Swift Recovery66 Strong
27 Shield Master47 Telepath67 Tough
28 Sword Master48 Temporal Influence68 Well Travelled
29 Warrior49 Well Connected69 Vicious


1Hide Armour (AV1)Pointy Stick
2Black Cloak (AV1)Dagger
3Hooded Duffel Coat (AV1)Club
4Flowing Kaftan (AV1)Quarterstaff
5Travelling Cloak (AV1)Flail
6Cloth Gambeson (AV1)Maul
7Grubby Smock (AV1)Battleaxe
8Thick Cloth Vestments (AV1)Shortsword
9Cloth Robes (AV1)Longsword
10Jet Black Frock (AV1)Pair of Shortswords
11Scale Tunic (AV2)Pair of Handaxes
12Thick Hide (AV2)Greataxe
13Leather Brigandine (AV2)Greatsword
14Fine Woollen Doublet (AV2)Glaive
15Camouflaged Leather (AV2)Halberd
16Black Leather Hood and Vest (AV2)Sling
17Bone Armour (AV2)Longbow
18Chain Mail and Surcoat (AV3)Shortbow
19Ring Mail (AV3)Crossbow
20Steel Breastplate (AV3)Magic Weapon

If you roll lower than 10 for your weapon, roll again. Gain a Shield on even results.

D20Adventuring GearUnusual Item
1TorchWhistleConker on a String
2Crowbar10ft PoleSealed Orb of Perpetual Flame
3Iron PotSledge HammerFungi Terrarium
4ManaclesPadlockTuning Fork
5MirrorFlask of OilStolen Signet Ring
6TarpaulinTorchWanted Poster
7CandlesChalkEbony Ring on a Mummified Finger
8BucketJugWooden Toy Horse
9Magnifying GlassShovelPendant of Divine Sigil
10Sewing KitLeather PouchDormant Dragons Egg
11Flint and SteelGreasePowerful Solvent
12BellCaltropsWerewolf's Teeth
13ParchmentIncenseBag of Hands
14LockpickScissorsSoured Beer
15BallbearingsGrappling HookBody Paint
16PerfumeTinderboxHilt of a Named Sword
1750ft RopeFileGlass Rose
18SpyglassBlanketInvisible Ink
19PitonsGlass BottleOpalescent Spectacles
20WaxLampClockwork Frog


Nimble, deft, quick - you have a control over your body which is unmatched.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to:
- Balance
- Acrobatic stunts
- Moving across difficult terrain or obstacles
- Dodging something which may cause physical harm
Always Prepared
Always thinking ahead, always considering the corner cases, you are never without what you need to complete the job.
If the party is in need of an item during the adventure, you will just happen to have one in your pack with a successful skill check. Describe how you came to have the item.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to physical skills such as climbing, jumping or swimming.
Animal Friend
You may communicate simple concepts with animals.
You can summon a nearby animal with a successful skill check.
When you hit a creature with an attack while they are unaware of your presence, the attack deals an additional 1d6. When you attack, you are no longer hidden.
The first time you are reduced to 0 health each day, instead of dying, you gain 1d6 health.
Beast Form
You may transform into an animal as an action once per day. Spend a willpower for additional uses.
- Small animal forms do 1d4 damage and have a +2 bonus to skill checks relating to being nimble and quick.
- Large animal forms do 1d8 damage and have a +2 bonus to skill checks relating to being strong.
You may not use other abilities whilst in animal form.
If you kill a creature with a melee attack, you may make another melee attack this turn.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to intimidation.
You may choose to take damage for creatures who are close to you, damage taken this way is halved.
Born Survivor
You can always find somewhere safe and comfortable for the party to sleep.
Advantage on damage rolls with two-handed weapons.
Learn a level 0 spell which you may cast once per day. Spend a willpower to cast it additional times.
+2 bonus to skill checks to impress, persuade or charm other characters.
Your damage dice become one size larger. i.e. D6 becomes D8
Restore 2 willpower instead of 1 when taking a breather.
You have given your life in service of a god. They teach you, guide you, their values are your own.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to religion and the divine.
Advantage on out of action checks.
You may spend ten minutes praying once per day. Make a skill check, if you succeed your god will answer a single question. The answer will be provided by the GM.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to delicate tasks.
You have the equipment and skills needed to change your physical appearance. Putting on a disguise takes 1 hour and once you are finished, you cannot be recognised as your true self.
You can never be lost in a dungeon and you always know the quickest way out.
+2 bonus to skill checks related to perceiving your surroundings and searching for hidden or secret things when in a dungeon.
Fast Hands
You may take an additional action on one of your turns once per day. Spend a willpower for additional uses.
Once per day, you can work out a useful piece of information or hint about the current situation. (The GM will give this to you.)
Spend a willpower for additional uses.
While resting, you can cook delicious food for the party.
Anyone who eats it gains 1d6 temporary health until the next rest. When this health is deducted, it cannot be regained as normal health.
You have a knack for understanding how objects are made and how they work.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to understanding or repairing objects.
You may repair an additional point of defence during a rest. This may be for another character's armour.
+2 bonus to skill checks to resist poison or similar physical effects and temperature extremes.
When you gain this ability, roll a D6 and add the total to your maximum health.
Healing Hands
Restore 1d6 health to a character as an action once per day. Spend a willpower to use this ability additional times.
+2 bonus to skill checks when performing the following tasks in the wilderness:
- Listening
- Tracking
- Moving silently or undetected
- Finding food
Infrared Vision
The power of the void has warped the way you perceive the world and now colours have faded to grey while temperature extremes stand out in vivid colour.
You can see objects or creatures which generate heat, even when on the other side of a wall.
Your read of people is uncanny. Whether in body language or facial expressions, you see a persons true feelings.
+2 bonus to skill checks to discern another characters true intentions, or whether they are telling the truth or withholding information.
You have a knack for finding the hidden, the secret, the obscure.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to searching for hidden objects or clues.
It's gone beyond coincidence. You are blessed with unexplained luck which keeps you alive and guides your actions to success.
Reroll the result of a skill check or damage against you once per day. Spend a willpower for additional uses.


You have learned to manipulate the forces which bind the physical world together in a way that common folk call magic, but which you know to be something altogether more incredible.

Cast spells you know of your level or lower as an action, by spending an amount of mana equal to the spells level.
You have mana equal to twice your level, this is replenished to its maximum when you sleep.
Each spell costs one additional mana for each time you have cast it today.
If you do not have enough mana to cast a spell, you may exert yourself and gain exhaustion points equal to the difference.
When you gain this ability you learn 4 spells of your level or below.

+2 bonus to skill checks relating to physiology and the diagnosis of illness.
You have a medical kit with 3 uses. Use it to restore 1d4 health to a character as an action.
You can perfectly imitate someone else's voice, or a simple sound with a successful skill check.
Monster Slayer
You may choose a creature you can see as your target. Attacks you make against that creature deal an additional 1d6 damage.
You have advantage on skill checks to find or track that creature.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to navigation and piloting vehicles.
You cannot be tracked by non-magical means.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to knowledge of plants, animals and terrain.
Night Vision
You can see in the dark.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to perceiving your surroundings.
You and anyone you are with cannot be surprised in action scenes.
When a creature rolls 1 or 2 on a damage roll against you, you may make an attack against them.
As an action, you may attempt to bring an end to hostilities. Succeed on a skill check and fighting around you will stop for the time being.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to calming or befriending hostile creatures.
Perfect Memory
You always know the time and which way is North.
You can remember in perfect detail anything which you have seen or heard in the last month.
You are an artist, able to capture and hold an audiences attention.
As an action, you begin a performance and may not take other actions whilst performing.
You may affect nearby creatures in one of the following ways for as long as the performance lasts. If damaged, succeed a skill check or the performance ends.
• Inspiration: Nearby allies gain a +2 bonus on skill checks and attacks.
• Charm: Make a skill check, if you succeed, one nearby creature falls under your influence. They will obey one simple command or perform one simple action for as long as the performance continues. If you fail, the creature is immune to this ability for the rest of the day.
Bane: Nearby opponents have a -2 penalty to attacks and skill checks.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to history and science.
You meditate for ten minutes and ask the GM a question about the near future, you recieve an answer by way of strange visions.
The GM rolls a d6 in secret, on a 1 or 2, the visions are misleading.
One use per day. Spend a willpower for additional uses.
Sense Power
You can sense all nearby magical objects and enchantments and loosely discern their effect.
Advantage on damage rolls for ranged attacks.
Shield Master
Shields you are using grant an additional 1 defence.
You can effectively hide an object on your person so that it cannot be found.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to hiding and moving undetected.
Street Smart
When in an urban environment, you have a +2 bonus to skill checks related to percieving your surroundings and detecting danger.
You always know where to find the type of area, or service you're looking for in a town.
+2 bonus to skill checks to move heavy objects.
Your inventory capacity is increased by 6.
Swift Recovery
Advantage on dice rolls to recover health.
Sword Master
Advantage on damage rolls with swords.
When you touch a creature, you can discern their surface level thoughts.
Temporal Influence
You can exert limited control over the flow of time, allowing you to affect the outcome of a creatures actions.
After a nearby creature you can see makes a damage roll or skill check, you can force the creature to reroll. The target must use the result of the second roll.
One use per day. Spend a willpower for additional uses.
Years of being battered and bruised have made you hard and given you a natural resistance to pain.
You gain an additional 1 defense which is lost and restored in the same way as armour you are wearing.
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to resisting physical damage which cannot be dodged.
+2 to damage rolls for melee attacks.
Your life has been spent training for the battlefield and you are a master of your deadly craft.
You may make an additional attack each turn.
Well Connected
You are always able to find an associate or someone willing to help you in the nearest settlement.
Well Travelled
+2 bonus to skill checks relating to:
- Understanding languages and communicating with people regardless of language barriers
- Recalling information about geography, history and foreign cultures



Mana cost: 0

Glass pitch - You cause nearby glass to vibrate and produce a perfect note at a pitch of your choice. You may choose to vibrate the glass such that it shatters.
Guide - A nearby creature has advantage on their next 1d4 skill checks.
Light - Create a magical light on a nearby object for 1 hour.
Mage Hand - Create a spectral hand which can pick up, move and manipulate nearby light objects.
Thunderclap - A defeaning peal of thunder echoes around you.
Whisper - Speak a short message to a faraway or closer target which only they can hear.

Mana cost: 1

Chaotic Emotion - You affect one creature's demeanour to be one of the following at random:
1 Frustrated
2 Panicked
3 Gleeful
4 Awestruck
5 Despondent
6 Petulent
Covet - Cause a creature to become infatuated with an object you possess for 1d4 hours.
Fingertip Flame - Create a ball of fire in your hand. You may shoot a jet of fire 2d4 times at a single target dealing 1d8 damage.
Heal - Restore 1d8 health to a creature.
Knock - Lock or unlock a nearby door.
Light Seal - Capture the light from all nearby light sources within a container.
Sense Power - The caster can detect and discern the effects of nearby magic items
and enchantments for 1 hour.
Thought Vessel - Trap a memory within a breakable vessel. When the vessel is broken, the memory is placed in the mind of the nearest sentient creature.

Mana cost: 2

Ameliorate - Restore the condition of natural matter which has rotted or decayed due to age. Affects matter which fits into 1 cubic meter and will restore inedible food to be edible.
Animate Liquid - Create a small creature from a body of water. The creature will obey your instructions and lasts as long as it takes to fully evaporate (2d6 hours).
Burden - Conjure a magical beast which can carry a heavy weight for 8 hours.
Charm - A creature obeys a single command you give them if they can understand it.
Conjure Spirit - Summon a dark spirit from the Void. The GM rolls 1d4 in secret. It will obey this many commands before it turns on you.
Cricket - A willing nearby creature can leap high into the air to faraway spaces 2d4 times as their legs become like those of a cricket.
Find Traps - The caster learns the location of all nearby traps for 1 hour.
Hook - Create an invisible hook in a nearby space of free air. It can bear up to 1 tonne in weight and lasts 8 hours.
Miniturise - Shrink a willing creature or object no larger than yourself to fit in the palm of your hand.
Slumber - Put a creature into a peaceful, sleepy state and grant them restorative sleep with pleasant dreams.
Scotopia - A nearby creature can see in total darkness for 1 hour.
Sentry - For 4 hours, you can hear the heartbeats of nearby creatures.
Teleport - Teleport a creature to a distant location.
Trap - Paralyse any creature which moves through a nearby area for 10 minutes.

Mana cost: 3

Barrier - Create an invisible barrier which only you can pass through. Lasts till dismissed or another is created.
Commune - Ask a question of the gods. You will recieve an answer, it may not be truthful.
Dispel - Negate the effect of nearby magic.
Fly - A nearby creature can fly for 10 minutes.
Foresight - For 2d4 turns, a nearby creature can foresee the most likely immediate future. They have advantage on damage rolls and ability checks.
Induce Trance - Cause a nearby creature to experience visual and auditory hallucinations for 10 minutes. While in this dreamlike trance, they cannot take actions or move.
Invisibility - A nearby creature becomes invisible until dispelled or it attacks or casts a spell.
Magnetism - For 2d4 turns, you are able to attract and repel metal objects no heavier than yourself.
Polyglot - Understand all written and spoken languages for 1 hour.
Projection - Create an ethereal projection of yourself in a location you have been physically within the last year. Your vision and hearing are replaced with that of the avatars and you may speak through it. Lasts 10 minutes.
Stasis - Create a small area in which time doesn't pass. Lasts 4 hours. If you cast this spell on the same location every day for a month, the effect becomes permanent.
Telepathic Touch - For 1 hour, when you touch a creature you detect their surface thoughts, memories or emotions.
X-Ray - For 1 hour, you can see through solid structures.

Mana cost: 4

Fear - Any number of nearby creatures which can see you become terrified of you and flee.
Gas form - A nearby creature turns into gas for 1 hour.
Petrify - A nearby creature turns to stone (or vice versa).
Quell Thought - A nearby character becomes unintelligent and confused for 10 minutes.
Sequester - Seal an object no larger than yourself in a pocket of the Void. Only you may retrieve it and may do so from wherever you are.
Transfigure - Transform a creature into another creature you have seen for 1d4 hours.

Mana cost: 5

Create - A small amount of nearby matter forms into an object of the same size. Once cast, this cannot be cast again until the creation is destroyed or dispelled.
Dust - The caster and a nearby creature or object turn to dust.
Plague - Any number of nearby creatures break out in a painful rash and boils and take 1d4 ongoing damage.
Quest - Force a creature to obey a complex series of up to 2d4 instructions.
Revive - Return to life a character who died today.

Mana cost: X

Fireball - Creatures nearby a point you can see take Xd6 damage.
Protect - Gain magical armour with X defence for an hour.
Sleep - Roll Xd8. All nearby creatures with less health than the total rolled fall asleep for an hour, or until damaged.
Sinkhole - You instantly cause a sinkhole to appear in the ground, centred on a nearby point. Its diameter in meters is twice X.


The world is full of strange and dangerous creatures. This bestiary contains just a sample.Each monster has a level to determine how dangerous an encounter is.
Add up the total levels of all monsters in an encounter and compare to the number of characters in the party:

Total Monster LevelDanger
Half of partyTrivial
Equal to partyEasy
Double partyModerate
Triple partyHard
Quadruple partyDeadly

Monsters and NPCs have health determined by their level. Roll a number of d8s equal to their level to determine their health when it becomes relevant.
Attacks are listed with the number of targets and possible range.
Consult the table below when creating your own monsters for guidance on health and attack damage:

LevelAvg HealthDamage

Example Monsters


Appearing as a gruesome spectral visage, the banshee is a victim of a curse, bound to a location and unable to die. It will attempt to lure unwitting creatures in a bid to have them share its grizzly fate and as such, a large group of Banshees can colonise an area.

Claw - 1d4 damage
Mournful wail - The banshee lets out a deafening wail which cuts through any creature which hears it. Each creature affected must succeed a skill check or be unable to move or take actions on it’s next turn.


Bwg (Boog)

Beware the Bwg, a creature borne of despair who appears as a persons worst fear to leech on their terror. Foul Spirits who hide within the marshes till their hunger for emotion grows too great and they are driven by it to hunt in settled areas.

Frightening Visage - When a character gazes on a Bwg for the first time, they must succeed a Skill Check or be unable to move. Make a Skill Check on each following turn to fight this effect, on a success the Bwg's appearance no longer has any effect.
Claws - 1d8 damage


A reflection of a living person, created by malice to destroy and replace their counterpart for nefarious means.
Stats and abilities as their double.

Masked Ones

They do not show their faces, for in them are reflected the faces of their victims. Bound by a curse of servitude, their deeds are not of their own will and their shame at what they have been made to do manifests in their appearance.

Blade - 1d6 damage


Most Dragons are greedy, cunning and deceptive, though some have been noted as being more selfless or altruistic. They live solitary lives in pursuit of whatever vice they crave most.
They are rarely drawn into conflict, viewing most other creatures as wholly beneath them and not worthy of the effort. Though if pushed, they are formidable opponents in battle and will easily slay entire armies.

L10Actions:Dragon’s breath - 1/ day
The Dragon lets out a torrent of fire, ice, acid or lightning from it’s maw, dealing 1d10 damage each to any number of characters which are nearby each other.
Each character may make a skill check to evade this, taking half damage on a success.
This ability is refreshed when the Dragon is reduced to half of it’s hit point maximum.
Claws - 2d6 damage - The Dragon may attack twice per turn with its claws.


Hill Giant

Not as aggressive or cantankerous as their larger cousins, hill giants generally spend their days foraging for food and gazing at the clouds in thoughtless wonder.

Smash - 1d12 damage

Mountain Giant

Dim-witted brutes which live selfish lives in pursuit of satisfaction, mostly through gluttony. They are quickly angered by trespassers into what they perceive as their domain.

Smash - 2d8 damage
Hurl - 2 per day - The mountain giant throws a boulder at a nearby or faraway character. On a hit it deals 2d6 damage to the target and 1d4 damage to each creature close to it.


Beings constructed of clay, stone, steel or lead; bound together by magic and fire. Usually made to serve a singular purpose and destroyed when their duty is complete.Immutable purpose - The golem cannot be caused to disobey its masters’ instruction.
Magicproof - This creature cannot be affected by spells, other than those which cause damage.

Fists - 1d6 damage - The Golem may make two attacks each turn.



These sneaky little denizens of the dark and horrible places of the world may look harmless on their own, but travel in packs which can terrorise whole villages.
Basic dungeon vermin, dreadfully expendable.

Ambush - Goblins always act first in combat.
Blade/ Bow - 1d4 damage


A little bigger, slightly smarter and much less pleasant than the common goblin.

Blade/ Bow - 1d6 damage
Brute Force - 1/ day - A furious attack which deals 2d6 damage. The hobgoblin may use this again if all of their allies are killed.


Intelligent and cruel. Orcs live in close-knit clans of hunters and warriors and protect their way of life from human inteference fiercely.

Blade/ Bow - 1d6 damage
Aggressive - Orcs may attack two different targets per turn.


Labelled as pests by much of society. You will often find these creatures on the edge of urban sprawls, scrounging in waste piles and animal pens for morsels to eat. They delight in wreaking havoc by sabotaging machinery and equipment.
Gremlins can magically lock or unlock doors, padlocks or other mechanisms.

Bite - 1 damage


Ancient guardians of divine items and sacred places. Half-lion, half-eagle in appearance, they are as majestic as they are trustworthy. Once charged with a duty by a higher being, their faithfulness will never waver.

Flying - The Griffon can fly
Claws - 1d10 damage
Rapid - When not flying, the Griffon may instead make two Claw attacks which deal 1d6 damage each.



The soul of the forest. These mysterious and ancient creatures are rarely seen, never heard and will protect the natural world from every threat. Their voices whisper like the wind and echo between the trees, beguiling all who hear them.

Natural Navigation - The Dryad can disappear into trees and travel between nearby trees without detection.
Charm - 1/ day - The Dryad targets one creature to attempt to charm. The creature must succeed a skill check or regard the Dryad as a trusted friend and ally until their next rest.
Wind Bludgeon - 1d8 damage


Fairies inhabit the wilder parts of the world, enjoying a long life of leisure and play in family groups. The magic which sustains them is easily disrupted by outside influence which can leave individuals stranded and helpless away from their clan. Their intentions are largely good and their desire is to help.
They cast gentle and subtle magics, guiding and influencing, improving luck or even inducing flight. They may read the surface level thoughts and emotions of any creature they touch.

Spark - 1 damage


Part-man, part-bull. No one knows if the Minotaur is a natural creation, or the result of a curse or transfiguration gone awry. Nor has anyone been able to ask the creature, owing to it's erratic temper and inability to speak.

Charge - 2d6 damage


Ponderous and peaceful creatures which roam forests, wildlands and plains tending to the land and keeping in check the natural order.

Pacifist - Treants will not engage in combat.

Creatures of the Void


Wise, cunning and treacherous creatures of the abyss which reach into the physical plane and construct physical forms from whatever natural material they can find. Bark, plants, clay, stones and animal bones are all assembled to form a terrible creaking avatar for the aberrant spirit. Destroying the body may weaken a Leshy's grip on the world, but it will not destroy the creature housed safely in it's void lair.L7
Unarmed - 2d6 damage


Tall, thin humanoids with elongated limbs and mouthless faces covered in two dozen removable eyes which retain vision regardless of location, allowing them to keep watch from afar.L5
Flail - D10 damage
Exploding Eye - Cause a removed eyeball to explode, dealing 2D8 damage to all nearby characters.

They Who Sing

Abherrant creatures which have passed bodily from the Void. Some resemble a great hound, others walk upright as humanoids. Their heads are smooth and pointed like huge corvid beaks, which open wide to let forth a terrible screech and incapacitate their prey.L2
Bite - D6 damage
Bite - 2D8 damage
Sing - Each nearby creature who can hear this distressing screech must succeed a skill check or be incapacitated on their next turn. If a creature has succeeded against this ability today, they make this check with advantage.


Duration: 2 hoursWhen desert gnomes die, their bodies do not rot and perish and return to the earth like those of humans. They are dehydrated, the moisture removed by the sands and sun, leaving a leathery husk. Those husks are then placed in burial mounds. This is the greatest of those mounds, created as the final resting place of the desert monarchy. Gnome Kings and Queens have been buried here for centuries.A generation ago, the last and greatest of the gnome Kings died. The remaining gnomes still worship the late King Tyrrel and wish to return him to life, and their colony to glory.The party have arrived here following the discovery that the tomb is the epicentre of a sudden, extreme and unnatural local drought. The nearby town of Trockenvale has sought the party’s help to end it.


Cool. A reprieve from the desert heat.
Stagnant. Smells of earthen clay and ammonia.
Dark. There are no windows or doorways other than the main entrance.
Loud. Permanent low frequency hum. Impossible to determine its direction.


Guarded Entrance

Simple but enormous doorway carved from the rock.Narrow passageway leads to a circular room with a domed ceiling.Closed door on the North side, empty pedestals on each side.Hemispherical brazier in the centre, burning with divine light.Two Glass Automatons stand guard, each carrying a small copper bowl of divine light.
They are cognizant and helpful, but will not tolerate their masters’ eternal slumber being disturbed. The years have taken their toll on the programming of these magical robots, causing unpredictable faults or changes in demeanour.
The automaton’s bowls of divine light must be placed on the pedestals on either side of the interior door to unlock it.

Glass Automaton

The years have taken their toll on the programming of these magical robots, causing unpredictable faults or changes in demeanour.
Whenever relevant, roll d6 to determine their reaction.


Mindless – Cannot be charmed, frightened or put to sleep.15 Health
Glass armour - 1 Defence
Attacks: d6 damage
- Divine fire ranged
- Punch melee


Room of Remembrance

Altar covered with unlit candles.Huge bowl filled with objects:
Headscarf; wooden toy horse; rings and other jewellery; a bottle of alcohol; a journal written in indecipherable shorthand; many small pieces of metal.
Vents in the walls at regular intervals.
One on the west wall hides a secret passage to a corresponding vent in room 5.
Stone door to the north is closed.
An inscription is carved into the wall above it:
“Enter respectful, devout with heart pure. Dispell thoughts of theft and of breaking of law.”
The door to the East is also closed, but will open with a firm push.Any character wishing to enter the North chamber must prove their good intentions. They may do so by offering a treasured item into the bowl, praying at the altar, lighting a candle, or with some other sincere sign of respect.


False Tomb

Door is difficult to open.
A thick layer of congealed tree sap around the door frame makes it difficult to push.
The door closes on its own if not jammed open. The sap creates an air tight seal when it is closed.A solitary sarcophagus stands in the middle of the space. Contains a few wooden coins but no body.If opened it releases a poisonous gas into the room.
Succeed a Skill Check or be poisoned:

D6Poison Effects
1Weak – Disadvantage on Skill Checks relating to strength and the next out of action check.
2Stone – Affected characters slowly turn to stone over the next 1d4 hours.
3Fear – Affected characters must make a skill check when they next see a gnome. They are frightened of it if they fail.
4Silence – Affected characters lose the ability to speak.
5Vision – Affected characters experience violent hallucinations.
6Sleep – For one hour, nothing will wake the affected character. If the whole party is affected this way, they wake with their hands bound in room 5, witnessing the waking of the King.


Crypt of the Fallen Queen

The humming is defeaning in this room. Nothing can be heard above it.
Tasks and magic requiring concentration are made with disadvantage.
Large, grand sarcophagus in the centre of the room.
Smaller, simpler caskets around the edges of the room.
Sarcophaguses contain dehrydrated gnomes, with dark leathery skin pulled taught across their skeletons.
Each gnome is buried with a valuable item from the Buried Treasure table.
One sarcophagus contains an Axe of Stonesplitting, another a full Orb of Memory Capture.
Two gnomes lie dead beside the central sarcophagus.
Faces gaunt, skin leathery. The moisture has been sucked from their bones.


Gnome King's Ossuary

Deafening hum as in room 4.The air is unpalatably dry. It catches in the back of the throat and makes the eyes water.Metallic sarcophagus encased in a glass chamber.A pair of gnomes wind the handle of a huge rehydrator machine.
A pipe extends from the machine to the glass chamber and another through the ceiling.
Living beings in the room can survive 2d10 minutes before the moisture is completely sucked from their body by the rehydrator machine.
Gnomes are hardy to the arid environment and can survive much longer – but not indefinitely.
If the party dilly-dally or leave the machine and gnomes alone, King Tyrrel will be revived as the gnomes intended, in full presence of mind.If the party stop the machine from operating, the process will be incomplete and the King will arise a violent and emotionless shadow of his former self, grasping the banner and ceremonial sword he was buried with.

Desert Gnome

Naturally curious and insatiably greedy for shiny and valuable objects.
When a gnome is first encountered, roll for it's reaction.


10 Health
Attacks: Knife/ Crossbow - D4 damage
Bomb – Action. Once per encounter. Throws a simple home made explosive to a nearby spot. Deals d8 damage to all targets close to it.Precise – Damage from attacks is rolled with advantage.

King Tyrrel

If the rehydration process was completed, the king is grateful to his gnomes for waking him and magnanamous towards the partry.
If the process was interrupted, he is immediately hostile and rallies his gnomes to fight by his side.

20 Health
Attacks: Sword - D8 damage
Regal Presence – Action. Gives a persuasive monologue. Each character who can hear and understand becomes incredibly deferential and friendly towards King Tyrrel, unless they succeed a skill check to resist his charms.


When play slows down, roll for an encounter:

1The sound of breaking glass echoes through the tomb, cutting above the low hum.
2Four gnomes carry a pair of empty stretchers into the tomb.
3A glass automaton appears and questions the party on their presence.
4Tomb gas – roll against poison.
5A desert bird enters the chamber and flutters around at ceiling height.
6A squishy yellow cactus grows from cracks in the wall. It’s sap causes hysterical laughter.


2d6Buried Treasure
2A glass spinning top which emanates warm light when spun
3A folding pickaxe
4A grave mask
5An emerald or sapphire ring
6A polished shield and razor sharp spear
7A wooden box full of ancient gold coins
8A dragonfly brooch of silver and turquoise enamel
9Finely decorated plate armour (3 defence)
10A gold tiara with a single ruby in its centre
11Never-ending Rope
12A Jug of Infinite Liquid

Axe of Stonesplitting

A powerful weapon which can tear the very ground asunder. Songs and campfire tales were written of the first wielder of the Axe, who was bestowed it by Storth the earth goddess to shape this land.
It grants the wielder the following:
+1 to damage rolls, +3 against creatures made of rock or metals.
Advantage on Skill Checks relating to knowledge of stonework and geology.
Once per day, the wielder may walk through a body of stone up to 2m thick as though it were air.

Orb of Memory Capture

This orb may be used to trap a memory, which can be viewed by another creature.
While it is trapped, the owner forgets all aspects of the memory.
The memory returns to its owner after being viewed 3 times.

Crystal Drone

A perfect glass hummingbird which responds to its owners telepathic commands up to 100ft away.
At any time, it’s owner may choose to replace their own vision with that of the drone.

Ready if you need them:


Fenwick Burton

Old man, gardener.
Terse, Selfish, Stoic.
Lives in a large glass biodome in the desert, isolated from outside troubles and happy to keep it that way.
Has a standing agreement with the gnomes to provide them with garden produce in return for machine parts he needs to fix his various horticultural contraptions.
Wants: For his crops to grow, sherbet lemons.

Prisca Evertell

Old man, gardener.
Forthright, Businesslike, Self-righteous.
Cares deeply for her business and the jobs it provides the townsfolk.
Wants: To expand the mine, to discover if the myth of the great serpent in the nearby mountains is true.


Sand Beast

A sandstorm on four legs. Becomes a whirlwind to disorient and trap its prey.30 HealthSandstorm – Envelope a target in a whirling vortex of sand. The target takes d8 damage per turn and is blinded unless they make a successful skill check to escape.

Dessicated Dragon

The dried remains of a fearsome dragon, still fierce and hunting prey in the desert.80 Health
Attacks: Claws - D10 Damage - Two per action.
Sand Breath weapon - Action. Sprays sand over nearby targets who are close to each other. Each target takes 3d8 damage or half damage on a successful skill check to avoid.Dried – Takes double damage from blunt weapons and half damage from piercing and slashing weapons. Psychic magic including sleep has no effect.


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